Samstag, 12. Januar 2008

2/5 BZ aka Serhat Koksal

‘No Gasionalism No Pipeline Bridge’

Serhat Köksal founded his 2/5 BZ project in Istanbul in 1986. As a constantly evolving multimedia project, the output is in disparate formats: tapes, video collages, CD-ROMs, audio CDs, photocopied zines and live performances since 1991 . Serhat Köksal, aka 2/5 BZ, is performing on the subject of Turkish pop cinema and deconstruction, exotic tourism and anti-orientalism / anti-city myths, copy culture and remakes, the ethnic market and east-west gateway clichés , critical sound art and audiovisual experimentation using collage and cut-up techniques, found footage, field recordings and samples - in short: a critical and humorous re-use of mass culture.The audiovisual performance of Serhat Köksal aka 2/5 BZ entitled 'NO Touristik NO Exotic' has toured festivals, exhibitions and clubs in 16 countries and 75 cities in Europa ,Asia, North America .
2/5 BZ has performed at well-known festivals such as Club Transmediale in Berlin,Sonic Acts in Amsterdam , collaborated with numerous musicians such as Tim Hodgkinson and been presented, among others, by John Peel in his famous John Peel sessions on BBC .

The entry point to Serhat Köksal's new project ' NO Gasionalism NO Pipeline Bridge ' investigates cultural cliches and their effects on the economic and political situation of individuals with sound art and no exotic planetcore visuals ; '' Against the Wall and Against the Bridge in there.' He lives and works in Istanbul.

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