Samstag, 12. Januar 2008

Isil Egrikavuk

Infamous Library, 2006, Dvd, 7’40“

Isil Egrikavuk takes the invisible, the hidden, the secured into consideration and displays through an interview with one of the protagonists of a specific event. The story that took place in an infamous library of the state which was erected at the time of a social crisis is an attempt to recover the unseen of the past, the infra-structure of power relations and their projection onto the society. As underlined in the piece, such a hideous event can take place or is taking place in any context, any society. The man who was taken from his house and imprisoned for two years in the archive of the state to function for the bringing out inner relations among society, is telling his story through the interrogation of the interviewer. The black outs used frequently throughout the film function as gaps for the audience to question and evaluate the truth of the story, its validity and to project on their personal backgrounds.

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