Samstag, 12. Januar 2008

Sefer Memisoglu

Isimsiz – untitled, 2005, Dvd, 6’

Sefer Memisoglu goes through the notions of small historisations and fragmentary identities; brings out visual aspects of the activities that are taken from our immediate vicinity and everyday environment: the activities that are creating their own logic, poetry, or development of events. His video work Untitled evolves around the well-known specificities and abstracted visualizations of street kids –the children who are living on streets-, are given with close-ups, manipulations and a new character, but at the same time remain recognizable. The phenomenon of living on streets, being in the constant longing or of lacking are brought together under the pitoresque element of Istanbul: the Galata Tower. Galata Tower has been hosting the children under its premises, before the area got to be gentrified. Throughout the work, not only the constructed is put to test but also the familiar background phenomena are reconsidered, revived, reactivated, and re-deployed.

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