Samstag, 12. Januar 2008

Asli Cavusoglu

Bir Turk Doktoru: Omer Ayhan – A Turkish Doctor: Omer Ayhan, 2004, Dvd, 11’

A Turkish Doctor Omer Ayhan by Asli Cavusoglu is a pseudo-documentary on a Turkish doctor who found the cure for the illness called Nortonomy. The video starts with clipping from one of the main tv channels in Turkey. Starting with the logo of the tv channel and announcement of the speaker who mentions Omer Ayhan as the pride of the whole nation, the narrative is a constructed one with strong aspects of insuring the audience that it has actually taken place. Cavusoglu depicts a narrative that is always focussed to be gained by societies. The projection of these internationalised achievements of a member of a society is a highly valued representation. Thus the intellect, achievement and influence on others are strong elements in putting the societies together.

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