Samstag, 12. Januar 2008

Esra Ersen

Brothers & Sisters, 2003, Dvd, 23’20“

Brothers & Sisters
is a result of a long term process that Esra Ersen strolled into with illegal immigrants living in Istanbul. The temporary state of the immigrants in Istanbul, which functions as an in-between stop for migration from Africa to Europe, are the main path designated throughout the documentary work. Ersen’s artistic practice which is structured upon interaction and reflecting the actualities has been a significant aspect for the pre-production of the piece. Ersen started filming after spending four months of a dialogue period with the participants of the documentary, and she is displaying the policies of otherification, the migration, the act of defining outsiders, the tendencies of civil inattentiveness. Through subjective stories, actual states of the immigrants, Ersen makes the status quo, which is valid in many countries of Europe, visible.

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