Samstag, 12. Januar 2008

Asli Sungu

Arapsaci – Tangled Affair – Kraushaar, 2004, Dvd, 7’20“

Arapsaci by Asli Sungu, is constructed around a story that is told by the secondary person who have witnessed the event through hearing protagonists comments on what has taken place. The piece evolves around a break up of a relationship between relatives, which took place during a holiday taken together. The issues raised throughout the story telling are continuous and not easy to define which side has the right than the other. The indecisive situation with sad conclusions, both sides have driven for themselves. Series of happenings, behaviours leading to a cut off… The audience receives the conclusion of things within the information of what has lead to the end. The story is associated with the image entering the screen; a piece of clothing that is being hand-knit. The person who knits, is in conversation with the storyteller, thus she comments and asks for details of various parts of the story and for the reactions of the people who are involved in the story.
The story is an ordinary story, which is taking place in any cultural sphere with people from different backgrounds. The fact that social and political contexts are embedded into every realms of social interaction is being underlined.

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