Samstag, 12. Januar 2008

Ozlem Gunyol & Mustafa Kunt

Section 1, 2005, Dvd, 4’44“

Ozlem Gunyol & Mustafa Kunt are recapturing scenes from a movie by Zeki Demirkubuz, titled Itiraf. The dialogue taken from the scenes of a break up of a young couple is fully taken in Section 1. Unlike the film, Gunyol and Kunt are showing the scene through the gap of the kitchen door. The camera is stable whereas the actors are restaging the tension in a different way than the film. The audience as the witness of such a dialogue are being taken in the scene and are left to take sides and produce understanding for each of the actors, artists. The artists who stage the dialogue as themselves with their real names and with a condition that raises a high tension at the doorstep of a break up. The camera situated on a voyeur position, is witnessing the dialogue through the door. Re-enacting a scene from a movie, plays a crucial role in order to reflect the fact that such dialogues and destruction to each other are taking place on an every day basis.

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